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Is he or is he not?

By Lillian Bee0 comments
We are told that we need to have a list of what we want to find in a man, the list of must haves and a list of deal breakers. Others say forget about the list. I have asked many couples who have been together for a long time, how they knew she/he was the one, and not one of them said ...

Those who never doubted

By Lillian Bee0 comments
In the book introduction I mentioned that some are lucky to meet their love at a young age and stay together forever. This is the case of Nancy and John. They are now 82 and 87 and they have been married for 62 years. I knew she was very young when she got married. When I heard they ...

Romantic poems for her

By Angela C0 comments
My boyfriend proposed to me and first he read a poems that made me cry. Of course I said yes! After I stopped crying I asked him where he found that poems - Called "You are the one" and he showed me a beautiful book of poems where he found it. That book is a jewel. I read them all ...

Timeless love poems

By Lillian Bee0 comments
Among the things my mother left me, there is a couple of romatic cards that my grandfather and my grandmother sent to each other in 1919-1920. They are written with fountain pen and with beautiful cursive font. That is the way people wrote letters before. Every time I look at them, ...

Romantic poems for her

By Angela C1 comments
I just wanted to tell you a little story. My boyfriend recently proposed and as an introduction he read me the most beautiful love poem I've ever heard. I could not stop crying and ....of course I said yes. Still sobbing I asked him where he found that poem and he showed me the book ...

Poems about love and pain

By Lillian Bee0 comments
Why should love hurt sometimes? The truth is, that being in love brings pain sometimes. We are not sure he/she loves us back, or we know he/she does not loves us back,  or we love someone who is not good for us, or we love someone who is just not for us. Even those who finally ...

Love poems for the one you love

By Lillian Bee0 comments
Searching for the most romantic love poems for the one you love? You will find them in the book Countless Love Moods. These love poems will make your special someone melt!There a few to choose from: You are the one (last in the book), Start roses and you, An angel told me, If...., ...
Best Romantic Love Poems

Best Romantic Love Poems

By JoelReviews4 comments
Best Romantic Love Poems    "When searching for the best romantic love poems, you should consider the author and their life experience.   Do the love poems reflect romance, the personal experience from the author,  the love, romance, trials and tribulations through ...
Love Poems for your Girlfriend that will make her cry

Love Poems for your Girlfriend that will make her cry

Love Poems for your Girlfriend that will Make her Cry   Hi   I’m looking for a poem for my girlfriend to add to her Christmas gift that will make her happy cry. (a good thing)   Very ...AnswerWow!   You are also a sentimental one! :)   What a great idea.   From my book Countless Love Moods, you can choose a few in fact. I have seen people cry (or discreetly tear up) when reading ...
Metaphysical Love Poetry

Metaphysical Love Poetry

Metaphysical Love Poetry    Hi there,   I am a strong believer in the metaphysical and all things pertaining to love and the oneness we can all share as human beings on this planet. I came ...AnswerHello Ms Campbell,   Thank you for taking the time to submit this question to me!    Something like the topic of love is something that we can all experience in our lifetime.  Anything ...


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    Great Poetry!
    By Mark
    Great gift for my wife. She loved it!
    Really enjoyed this unique collection of love poetry!
    I have always loved and appreciated poetry. Poems about love are definitely amazing! Thank you Lilian for this beautiful...
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