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Best Love Poems for Her

By Mark
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Best Love Poems for Her
Best Love Poems for Her
My wife is a huge fan of literature. She has one of the biggest love poetry book collections I have ever seen, and i am always on the look out for the next great book to give her as a gift. Her birthday was this past month and I knew i was going to need to find another book that she hasn't read yet.
When I tell you that her collection is huge, i mean it. Finding the next book to give to her as a gift is a challenge of weeks of research. She devours books and then spends her time talking to me about each poem and what it means to her. I'm a guy, I'm not into all this sappy stuff, but making her happy makes me happy. 
The majority of the poetry she has read to me in the past never really described or related to our relationship, but for the first time i feel as if we can relate to the poetry in this book as a couple. 
I was surprised at how accurate the words were and how much of the poetry was actually really really good. 
I'm so glad I picked this up for her as it has given us the opporutunity to come closer together, to talk and share a glass of wine.
I know, i know it sounds really corny but these poems are amazing. This book was well written, and if you're like me and looking to find your wife a nice gift, get her this book.
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Hello Mark,

Thank you for taking the time to submit such a lovely review with me. I always enjoy hearing the different stories from readers that can relate to the words found within the poetry.


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    Great Poetry!
    By Mark
    Great gift for my wife. She loved it!
    Really enjoyed this unique collection of love poetry!
    I have always loved and appreciated poetry. Poems about love are definitely amazing! Thank you Lilian for this beautiful...
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