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Lillian’s Collection Of Poems On Our Search For True Love

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Book of Great Love Poems

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Book of Great Love Poems
Book of Great Love Poems 
I came across this little gem when i was in search of something new to read. I grew tired of all that Oprah A list c*** (excuse my french). I love reading poetry, but am annoyed with the kinds of products being shoved in front of us as great literature. I am not trying to belittle talent, this is just my opinion, Anyway, my point is that I love supporting local talent, the hidden literary treasures that don't often get the attention they deserve.
Lilian's book of love poems has reminded me of how refreshing it is to still find great poetry where you would least expect it. 
Seeing as it is offered in pdf format was a great option for me. I get to carry the book around with me on many different devices and read on the subway or where ever else. 
If you are a fan of love poetry i highly recommend this great collection of poetry. It touches upon many different aspects of love and emotion. Great poetry still remains one of the main art forms where we can communicate emotion to one another. Taking the time to read poetry to reconnect within ourselves is something everyone should consider. I take the time to read poetry on my down time and Lilian's Countless Lovemoods has become one of my favourites. 
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Thank you for your kind words!


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    Great Poetry!
    By Mark
    Great gift for my wife. She loved it!
    Really enjoyed this unique collection of love poetry!
    I have always loved and appreciated poetry. Poems about love are definitely amazing! Thank you Lilian for this beautiful...
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