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Metaphysical Love Poetry

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Metaphysical Love Poetry
Metaphysical Love Poetry 
Hi there,

I am a strong believer in the metaphysical and all things pertaining to love and the oneness we can all share as human beings on this planet. I came across your book of love poetry and am very interested in learning more about some of the topics covered within the book. What are some of the poetry examples and metaphysical topics covered in your book? 


By Love Moods Press
Hello Ms Campbell,
Thank you for taking the time to submit this question to me! 
Something like the topic of love is something that we can all experience in our lifetime. 
Anything pertaining to the metaphysical (the branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world. In other words, it is trying to explain fundamental notions by which people understand the world including existence) can be left for interpretation but love seems to be the one topic that everyone can seem to agree on. It is an emotion that unite people from all walks of life. 
The majority of the poetry found within my book can be used in discussions involving topics of the metaphysical because the majority of the poems talk about the different stages of life and love. 
For example, if we believe that we are all one, and that we are connected with others in a dimension without space and time, then it is possible that we can sense when someone exists although we have not met that person yet. Who could be the messenger between two people who are looking for each other but have yet to meet?
Why not an angel?
We easily talk about guardian angels; an angel that watches over us, knows what is coming to us and protects us. Then, what if that angel can also see that person we are looking for, and since we are looking for each other, the Angel knows us both and is the messenger so we can finally meet not only in our minds but also face to face? I dare to say that when two people are meant to meet and be together, physical time is different from what appears to happen in that dimension without time and space, so if the face to face meeting does not happen in real life is because one of them is not ready. Many people in love will say that they knew as soon as they met. So, the last element in the poem reflects that moment; among all people we meet, that voice inside – the Angel- will tell us that the person we meet face to face is that one with whom we had connected long before.


An angel told me


An angel told me

Long time ago

That you were looking for me

But you could not find the way

And you were lost


The angel told me

That you gave up

And did not believe any more

That there was love

For you in this world


I listened

And patiently waited

And I prepared myself

Because I knew

That some day

I would find you


One day

I told my angel

That I was ready

so I went to meet you

and among the crowd

I saw you glow

And then I knew

that this was the sign

That my angel gave me

To tell me it was you

What you don’t know

Is that my angel

Is also yours

Level 7 (XP: 2650)
11 months ago
Solid Post! Thanks for sharing!
Level 11 (XP: 5350)
11 months ago
Hi Lillian! Thank you for offering such a thorough answer. :)
Reply by Lillian Bee
11 months ago
Hi there,

It was my pleasure.
Level 3 (XP: 650)
11 months ago
Thank you for submitting your question ms. Campbell! I hope this has helped to answer your question. Enjoy the book!


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